Our Team

Located Between I-240 and Western
931 SW 74th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73139




Here at Animal Emergency Center, we are so lucky to be working with some incredibly talented doctors:

-Kent Hart, DVM 

-Amy Gustafson, DVM 

-Justin Plunk, DVM

-Christianne King, DVM

-Justin Little Jim, DVM

-Carey Bellinger, DVM

And we have an amazing staff working with our doctors:

Office Staff

Vickie- Office Manager

Erica- Reception

Jury- Reception

Autumn- Reception

Hospital Staff

Kim- Hospital Manager since 2006

Katy- Assistant Hospital Manager since 2006

Brennan- Nurse

Samantha- Nurse

Chelsea- Nurse

Brittney- Nurse

Teresa- Nurse

Jessica- Nurse

Hailey- Nurse

Stormi- Nurse

Kennel Staff

Jesse- Kennel Tech

Jai- Kennel Tech